Neshka Robeva - one of the biggest names in Bulgarian sport

Interview with Neshka Robeva

Freedom is a big responsibility and must be realized. Parents and government must be more strict with the young people. After time, the children will understand that it has been for their own good. Sport demands self discipline. The people in sport want always to prove themselves, to show that they have character, will and spirit to overcome anything.

The important thing in sport. First to realize that your mind and spirit are on first place. From there comes will, self discipline. Second is the physical data, that help great achievements, but dont make one a sportsman. You can be a sportsman even if you dont have great physical data, but have the will. And on third place full trust to your trainer.

The sport is always jealous. Either you give everything to it, or it doesnt allow you near it. But you accept, because sport is a challenge, life, cosmos, wanted and endless ... This is a lesson for everybody, who tries to go on the road of becoming a big sportsman or a trainer. Dedication, full, with no compromises, merciless ...

I dream of a life, in which sport, culture, art, education, will be high on a pedestal in our society.


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